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Parana Bomfim (percussion, electronics) and Celio Vasconcellos (laptop, electronics, controllers, player piano) accomplish a rich expressiveness in its compositional and improvisational levels to a high point of performance, where the technological resources and the virtuoso human being capabilities (physical, psychological and spiritual) are deployed with fully awareness.

Afro-Brazilian is the general term used to racially categorised Brazilian citizens who are black or descendents of Africans. The Africans brought as slaves to Brazil belonged to two major groups: the"Sudan" and the "Bantu". The Sudan people were sent inlarge scale to Northeast region (e.g. Bahia); mostly belong to the West Africangroups’ native from Ghana, Benin, Guinea-Bissau, and Nigeria. The Bantu people were sent in large scale to Southeast region (e.g. Rio de Janeiro, MinasGerais) with natives from Angola, Congo, and Mozambique. Apart of these “Diaspora” historical elements, Brazil is well known for the rhythmic liveliness of its music as in its Samba dance music as well a wide variety of styles, mainly due the contributions of the music created by Afro-Brazilians with chants and dances brought from Africa. The main goal of this project is the integration and interaction of traditional elements with new technological possibilities as a creative process which enables to incorporate philosophical, scientific and spiritual aspects to produce a new musical milestone within the Afro-Brazilian musical context.

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