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Celio Vasconcellos is an autodidact Brazilian musician, who studied computer music with Clarence Barlow, music composition with Walter Zimmermann, counterpoint and harmony with Orm Finnendahl, and piano jazz with Aki Takase . As a versatile musician, composer and improviser, his music has been influenced by Afro-Brazilian music,  Afro-Cuban  music, Afro-American music (Jazz & Blues) , Indian classical music and Persian traditional music. Additionally, he received also a variety of trainings and certifications in computer sciences and related management of technology disciplines. 


His work is unique in the sense that his performances focus on the interaction between human being and music software applications, musical digital instruments, robotic interfaces and player pianos.


He has collaborated with foundations including  Stiching Karnatic Lab,   Logos FoundationDutch Impro Academy, Pianola Museum Amsterdam, and participated in music festivals  Zomer Jazz Fietstoer Festival and International Electro-acoustic Music Festival Spring in Havana. 


Celio Vasconcellos explains in this  video the history of his interest in technology to broaden the scope of possibilities for creating new musical experiences. 

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